Austin Advertising Federation wins BIG!

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Congratulations Austin Ad Fed! After receiving first place awards in five categories of Club Achievement during the recent 2014 AAF District Ten Convention, we were recognized as the Tenth District 2014 Large Club of the Year.


The AAF Club Achievement competition includes eight categories—Advertising Education, Club Management, Communications, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Government Relations, Membership, Programs and Public Service. The different categories provide an opportunity to present a comprehensive look at club activities and a great way to look back and learn from the previous year. Entries in each category are judged on goals, strategies and results.


The Austin Advertising Federation won first place awards in the Club Achievement categories of Advertising Education, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Government Relations, Membership, Programs and Public Service.


The Tenth District Club of the Year Award is given in small and large club divisions. Clubs with membership of up to 100 members are part of the small club division. Those with membership over 100 members are considered large clubs. Based on club achievement entries, AES memberships and district involvement that includes attendance at district meetings, involvement as district chairpersons, hosting district meetings and candidates for district office, Austin Advertising Federation was selected as the 2014 Large Club of the Year.


Additionally, at the 2014 American Advertising Federation National Conference—Admerica, Austin Advertising Federation will be awarded:

1st Place in Public Service
1st Place in Membership
2nd Place in Communications
2nd Place in Club Operations
2nd Place in Diversity & Multiculturalism
3rd Place in Advertising Education
3rd Place in Government Relations


See what we have been up to this year:

Advertising Education
Club Management
Diversity & Multiculturalism
Government Relations
Public Service