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Welcome to Big Wigs 2022, where AAF Austin celebrates the talented men and women that make Austin’s advertising scene happen. This is not about the creative work—this is about the work of getting the creative work out the door and into the market. It’s about size, place, reach, frequency. It’s the when, where, and how. Otherwise, the great campaigns would languish in the dark—and nobody wants that.

The call for nominations is for everyone, so share this page and let your peers know it is time to nominate those who help bring creative ideas to life! You do not have to be an AAF member to nominate or to be nominated.

You do not have to nominate someone in every category, but please fill in the “why” for each of your nominations.

You MUST click the SUBMIT BUTTON at the end of the categories for your nominations to be counted.

The Big Wigs process:

  • Once nominations close, all current AAF members and email subscribers will be sent a link for voting.
  • The five nominees with the most votes in each category will be our finalists. All finalists will be announced via email, as well as on social media and the AAF Austin website.
  • All individual, agency, and client names will be removed from the final ballot of the top 5 finalists in each category. The final ballot will be sent for a vote to a different Board of Directors in AAF District 10, who will choose this year’s winner in each category.

Winners will be revealed at our Big Wigs celebration in October!

Exact Date and Location TBD


Big Wigs Nominations

  • Educator of the Year

    Awarded to the educator who made the greatest contribution this year toward educating the future of advertising.
  • Best IT Support

    Awarded to the person who best supported the staff as it relates to their computers, emails, network servers, and more.
  • Best Digital Rep

    Awarded to the rep who best uses a digital platform, including text messaging, banner advertising, podcasting, mobile, email, SEO, and online.
  • Best Digital Producer

    Awarded to the digital producer who creates, builds, and publishes the best content for digital platforms.
  • Best Social Media Manager/Strategist

    Awarded to the social media manager who is expert in planning, developing, and implementing social media strategy.
  • Best Content Writer

    Awarded to best content writer on all digital platforms designed to sell or promote a specific product, including broadcast, social, print, mobile, or tablet.
  • Best Blog Writer

    Awarded to the best writer of inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking, or otherwise outstanding blog content.
  • Best Talent Agent/Agency

    Awarded to an outstanding talent agent or agency who finds and recruits the best talent in the advertising/marketing industry.
  • Best Creative Staffing Agency/Rep

    Who has your back when the work load is heavy? The Agency or Rep that brings you excellent candidates, especially when you didn’t even realize you needed them.
  • Best New Business/Business Developer

    Awarded to the person who is a juggler of internal ego's, a master of thought leadership, and tirelessly collaborates on pitching and winning new business for the company while growing current clients.
  • Best Account Manager

    Awarded to the Account Manager who can not only strengthen client relationships over email or dinner, but who can help push the brand and the work to places the client never thought possible.
  • Best Video Producer

    Awarded to the top video producer who coordinates and manages many aspects of video production from start to finish.
  • Best Video Editor

    Awarded to the video editor who meets every deadline, adjusts to every bit of last minute client feedback, and still manages to take the creative up a notch on everything they touch.
  • Best Sound Editor

    Awarded to the best editor responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings for TV, cinema, video games, or any production involving recorded or synthetic sound.
  • Best Commercial Producer

    Awarded to an outstanding producer who is responsible for taking the written commercial and turning into a finished product, including selecting talent, location—and in some cases, possibly shooting and editing the commercial as well.
  • Best Experiential/Events Manager

    Awarded to the person that excels at bringing brands to life, innovates on the spot, doesn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves, stays on budget and leaves the audience saying ‘wow’.
  • Best Print Producer

    Awarded to the person who excels in managing various print projects including collateral, posters, identity, direct mail, signage, props for photo shoots, and fabricated items for mobile tours or experiential events.
  • Best Printer Rep/Company

    Awarded to the best printer rep and/or company at a local printing shop. They consistently print projects for you that look incredible and work within your budget.
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    Best Printing Company

    Awarded to the best local printing company.
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  • Best Paper Rep/Company

    Awarded to the best paper rep and/or company, who doesn’t rest until you have exactly what you need whenever you need it. Dwight K. Schrute would be proud.
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    Best Paper Company

    Awarded to the best local paper company.
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  • Best Exhibitor Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with portable, modular, and custom modular tradeshow exhibits and graphics.
  • Best Large Format Company

    Awarded to the best large format company in Austin.
  • Best Emerging Talent

    Warning big things ahead. This is an emerging talent who is just beginning their advertising career but you already know you’ll be calling them boss one day. They should be a vital part of the team and show incredible work ethic and leadership skills.
  • Best Receptionist

    Awarded to the top receptionist responsible for communicating with clients and staff, and keeping the office organized and flowing.
  • Best Operations Manager

    Awarded to the ones that grease the wheels and set the projects in motion, the ones who understand what needs to be done and the needs of everyone involved. They are the ultimate connector and multitasker.
  • Best Marketing Manager

    This person is laser focused on increasing brand awareness, developing and implementing ground breaking strategies. Someone that takes the role of marketing manager to a whole new level.
  • Best Marketing Analyst

    Awarded to the analyst who can use the data to see the future, highlighting new opportunities for growth as well as optimize the client’s existing campaigns.
  • Best Strategist

    Awarded to the person who is always thinking three steps ahead, creates strong strategic platforms that raise the creative and the identity of the brand at the same time.
  • Best Media Buyer

    Awarded to the best buyer who purchases advertising from a media company and negotiates price and placement of ads.
  • Best Media Planner

    Awarded to an outstanding planner who finds the best media platform for a company or client's brand.
  • Best Traffic Coordinator/Project Manager

    Awarded to the person who excels at monitoring the logs, copy, or scheduling, troubleshoots problems and makes sure jobs are completed on time.
  • Best Outdoor/Cinema Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with clients to place them on screen, billboards, buses and taxis, and signage.
  • Best Radio Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with clients to place them on the radio, as well as sponsorships and promotions.
  • Best TV Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with clients to place them on TV and digital platforms.
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    Best Cinema Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with clients to place them on screen, billboards, buses, and signage.
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    Best Magazine Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who strategically places clients in magazines and digital platforms.
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  • Best Newspaper Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who strategically places clients in newspapers and digital platforms.
  • Best Promotional Merchandise Rep

    Awarded to the best rep who works with clients to promote products and promotions.
  • Best Company under 100 Employees

    Awarded to the company that is small in size, but big in ideas.
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  • Best Company of 100+ Employees

    Awarded to the company that everyone is looking to this year.
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  • Unsung Hero

    Awarded to someone in the industry that doesn't receive the recognition they deserve. Examples include installers, interns, drivers, office support staff, or various service staff.
  • The Biggest Wig

    Awarded to a senior manager, owner, president, or partner who garners immense respect in the industry.
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