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 Austin Advertising Federation wins BIG!

The Austin Ad Fed is honored to have received “Club of the Year” recognition from the American Advertising Federations (AAF) Tenth District. The Tenth District includes clubs from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

The AAF Club Achievement competition includes eight categories—Advertising Education, Club Management, Communications, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Government Relations, Membership, Programs and Public Service. The different categories provide an opportunity to present a comprehensive look at club programs, events and initiatives over the last year.  Entries in each category are judged on goals, strategies and results. The Austin Ad Fed received awards in all eight Club Achievement categories during the recent 2015 AAF District Ten Convention in Dallas. See the list below.

Recognition for lots of hard work and dedication is always gratifying of course. However, the Austin Ad Fed is nothing without the support and involvement of our members.  For that we thank you and we thought we’d share the good news!  Education, Diversity and Public Service are the cornerstones of the clubs efforts each year.  Networking events, Big Wigs and Addy’s are our more readily identified efforts to our members.  We encourage you to take a deeper look at what we’re all about.

“There is so much depth and breadth to the Austin Ad Fed.  We’re not just the ADDY’s and BIG WIGS.  Those are certainly wonderful celebrations of our craft.  We are also laser focused on supporting our area schools and universities, the community and the recognition that diversity, in all its forms, is woven in to the fabric of our organization and the ad community that we serve”, Cynthia McGuineas, Austin Ad Fed President.

Here’s a little break down of our “Club of the Year” achievements of the past year and our District level wins:
1st PlaceAdvertising Education
1st PlaceDiversity
1st PlaceMembership
1st PlacePrograms
1st PlacePublic Service
2nd PlaceClub Operations
2nd Place – Communications
2nd Place – Government Relations

In the National Competition our books placed:
1st Place Public Service
1st Place Diversity
2nd Place Membership
2nd Place Operations
2nd Place Government Relations
2nd Place Education
3rd Place Communications

And we took 2nd Place overall in Division I (Clubs with over 300 members).

2014 Club Achievement Books:

Advertising Education
Club Management
Diversity & Multiculturalism
Government Relations
Public Service

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