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Big Wigs 2020

October 29 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Big Wigs 2020

 Each year Big Wigs honors local professionals and celebrates the contributions of industry roles in media, printing, and more.

This Year’s Top Finalists for the 2020 Big Wigs Final Ballot:

Educator of the Year

Gene Brenek, Texas State University

Scott Rice, University of Texas at Austin

Sean LaBounty, University of Texas at Austin

Bart Cleveland, Job Propulsion Lab

Cindy Brummer, Standard Beagle

Best IT Support

Loretta Edwards, GSD&M

Seth Hagen, THIRD EAR

Jill Carley, T3

Ari Alexander, GSD&M

Malcom De Guelle, T3

Youn Ki Lee, McGarrah Jessee

Best Digital Rep

Josh French, KVUE

Whitney James, Ground Truth

Alyssa Simmons, ATD Partners

Efri Castellanos, Casual iQ

Jonathan B Parker, Jonathan Parker Strategies

Best Digital Producer

Allison Shannon, T3

Allyson Mays, T3

Amanda Talmadge, GSD&M

Jackie Purdy-Andrews, GSD&M

Valerie Ortiz, THIRD EAR

Ryan Micklos, GSD&M

Best Social Media Manager/Strategist

Angela Brown, GSD&M

Candice Garcia, T3

Miro Cassetta, T3

Andrew Knight, KVUE

Annie Arrendes, THIRD EAR

Randy Romero, GSD&M

Best Content Writer

Rusty Broome, GSD&M

Nicole DuMouchel Davis, GSD&M

Howard Hill, T3

Javier Peraza, THIRD EAR

Rich Terry, Sherry Matthews Group

Best Blog Writer

Jay Esteves, GSD&M

Ashley Coffin, THIRD EAR

Best Talent Agent

Tyler DeBoard, GSD&M

Caitlin O’Shea, T3

Bailey Harper, The Creative Group

Jason Wagner, Acclaim Talent

Best New Business/Business Development Rep

Keith Jose, GSD&M

Shelley Hall, THIRD EAR

Jenalisa Treviño, Proof Advertising

Kasey Zimmermann, KVUE

Will Jenkins, MESH

Best Account Manager

Adrienne Strange, GSD&M

Nancy Hoang, Q1Media

Jenny Kornuta, T3

Nancy Ryan, GSD&M

Morgan Cockrell, KVUE

Best Video Producer

Caitlin Allen-T3

Erika McKay, GSD&M

Jacob Stern, GSD&M

Chris McInroy, T3

Angie Nelson, Sherry Matthews Group

Best Video Editor

Chris McInroy, T3

Destynie Ellis, THIRD EAR

Jacob Stern, GSD&M

Stijn Dobbelaere, GSD&M

Ariel Quintans, Beast

Best Sound Editor

Destynie Ellis, THIRD EAR

Shayna Brown Decker, Chez Boom Audio

Best Commercial Producer

Matt Cervantes, GSD&M

Angie Nelson, Sherry Matthews Group

Valerie Ortiz, THIRD EAR

Becky Carrel, GSD&M

Rob Chamness, KVUE

Best Experiential/Events Manager

Cindy Lo, Red Velvet

Adrienne Strange, GSD&M

Efrain Aveja, THIRD EAR

Amanda Traversi Talmadge, GSD&M

Brittany Keegan, GSD&M

Best Print Producer

Kelly Grant, GSD&M

Tommy Salazaar, THIRD EAR

Lindsey Wilson, McGarrah Jessee

Abby Mayer, Proof Advertising

Tim Hicks, Proof Advertising

Best Printer Rep/Print Company

Leith Hassan, Circle Graphics

Pam Wilson -OneTouchpoint

Best Paper Company Rep/Paper Company

Jessica Phillips, Clampitt

Clampitt Paper

Best Exhibitor Rep

Danny Kent, 5D Show Services

Best Large Format Company

API, Austin Photo Imaging

Best Emerging Talent

Lacey Bobo, GSD&M

Markyle Rondon, T3

Rachel Volbert, THIRD EAR

Gracen Cohen, GSD&M

Will Concklin, ATD Partners

Kerrie Heckel, T3

Best Receptionist

Kasey Mitchell, T3

Jennifer Frias, GSD&M

Kay Siegfried, GSD&M

Chantelle Magnan, McGarrah Jessee

Tammy Holmes, GSD&M 

Best Marketing Analyst

Dave Zwickerhill, GSD&M

Milica Karanfilovski, T3

Courtney Hsu, T3

Jennifer Serrano, KVUE

Natalie Kakovitch, McGarrah Jessee

Best Strategist

Ashley Coffin, THIRD EAR

Nick Howard, GSD&M

Luke Dreyer, GSD&M

Anna Gilligan, T3

Kaitlyn Hieb, R/GA

Best Media Buyer

Yolanda Aquino, GSD&M

Kathy Hoinski, Sherry Matthews Groups

Victoria Garcia Galarza, T3

Jacquelyn Fisk, THIRD EAR

Jordann Wilson, T3

Best Media Planner

Phillip Joyner, GSD&M

Mitchell Rummel, THIRD EAR

Amy Dobrinski, Proof Advertising

Mack Magner, T3

Jordann Wilson, T3

Best Traffic Coordinator

Lucas Fiser, GSD&M

Ashlyn McDermott, T3

Chris Welhausen, Sherry Matthews Group

Micaela Acosta, THIRD EAR

Tanya Clemons, KVUE

Best Outdoor/Cinema Rep

Stephenie Hatch, NCM

Brent Cantwell, NCM

Best Radio Rep

Mikaela Soto, iHeart Media

Alison Theimer, Waterloo Media

Ginny Schoggins, Waterloo Media

Shanda Winton, iHeartMedia

Lisa Keil, Spirit 105.9

Best TV Rep

Kasey Zimmermann, KVUE

Matt Sitta, KXAN

Best Magazine Rep

Lindsay Harvel, CultureMap

Paul Krushin, Tribeza

Best Newspaper Rep

Christina Butler, Austin American Statesman

Best Promotional Merchandise Rep

Michelle Olsen, Hat Trick

Beth Lombard, Justice Promotional Products

Best Company Under 100 Employees




Guerilla Suit

Tilted Chair

Best Company Over 100 Employees



McGarrah Jessee


Whole Foods Market

Unsung Hero

Robin Russell, GSD&M

Hunter Temperton, Q1Media

Cynthia Houchin, T3

Wally Williams, Tequila Mockingbird

Gerardo Ayala, GSD&M

Kasey Mitchell

Yesenia Rodriguez

Liz Hamel 

The Biggest Wig

Kirya Francis, GSD&M

Janice Suter, GSD&M

Amy Coplen, KVUE

Nancy Ryan, GSD&M

Angela Yang, T3

Sarah Hoffman

Save the Date for the Big Wigs Celebration!

Don your finest pajamas or Work From Home attire as we celebrate a year of pantless pitch meetings, creativity and chaos. We’ll party online together as we award the best of the best in our advertising community.

Big Wigs 2020

Thursday, October 29

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Thank You to Our Sponsors


October 29
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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