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Advertising is full of change that requires immediate responses to client needs. We are fortunately a growing ad agency and need additional creatives to help service our clients. We are looking for a full-time media buyer or rare buyer/planner combination that is passionate about brand growth has experience working with agencies and can plug-n-play with our brand teams on various campaigns and projects.

In most cases, our media buyers are directly involved with the creative process working alongside our creative director, copywriter, producer, digital marketer, and art director.

We operate under a hybrid model, allowing for in-person work to be for collaboration and team meetings only. Most team members are 3 days in and 2 days out.

We are looking for a media buyer that possesses a strong sense of scaling hyper-targeted approaches to brand growth. The ideal person would also be strong on working with channel partners to drive creative impact to a brand’s bottom line. Our advertising agency is specifically looking for team members with a strong background in traditional, digital, and programmatic.

If you’re passionate about creating and curating ideas that are brought to life within campaign execution, please apply. We’d love to hear from you. You can apply on our recruiting site.

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